Design History

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MTM has a long history of designing innovative and high-quality products. Our engineers have created products that meet stringent technical and aesthetic requirements as dictated by our automotive customers. We have also designed and manufactured a broad range of products for non-automotive customers across a broad range of industries.

Some customers have a pre-designed product that they want developed, tooled and made in our production facilities. Other customers advise MTM of their outputs and quality requirements and leave the rest of the design to MTM. We are flexible enough to work with both approaches and anything in-between.

Our experience in design for manufacturing and assembly ensures that the total cost of the product is minimised. Our design team is located with our manufacturing engineering team at the primary manufacturing site in Australia. Our product development team is truly integrated within all areas of the organisation with the sharing of lessons learnt, FMEA and testing requirements.

Designing well-engineered products is no accident: specifications are clarified; concepts are presented using CAD and 3D printing; failure modes are analysed; product designs are reviewed; prototypes are tested; tool designs are optimised and processes are developed. This review with our customer ensures that the outcomes are clear and well known by all parties.

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