MTM Automotive

MTM manufactures products that perform in all parts of the world, from South Africa to the Americas, from Asia to the Middle East and Europe. We design our components in Australia and manufacture in USA, China and Australia. MTM’s innovation is driven by the desire for comprehensive functionality embodied in simplicity. Ease of assembly and minimisation of components are a key consideration.

MTM originally supplied five OEM customers in Australia and became a recognised supplier of high-quality components. Our product range is vast, based on the desires of the Australian marketplace. With a number of recognised quality awards, MTM has expanded into a global supplier for todays demanding OEM customers.

Who we are


MTM has the technology and capability to design traditional in-line gearshifts, tap up - tap down, AMT, sequential and manual variants for not only high volume but also smaller, niche volumes. We can also support multiple variants and finishes.


We first commenced manufacturing doorchecks in 1978.  The next three decades has seen MTM evolve into a major player in the global automotive industry. Discover more about what we can offer you.

OEM Products

Assembly components, complete internal assemblies and external assemblies. All these commodity groups utilise the core skills of MTM. They are critical to the overall appeal of the vehicle and this is where we succeed.


Find out where we are located in the world. We have included the locations of several of our primary manufacturing centers that are based in several continents around the globe, along with contact details for those areas. If you need further information, use our feedback form.


Learn more about the skills MTM has to offer. We might surprise you, we are constantly developing methods to improve what we do and increase customer satisfaction. MTM operates in a variety of different areas within the automotive field and work hard to excel at each of them.

History / About

MtM was founded in 1965 as a local machine tool company, and has evolved into an international provider of quality automotive OEM parts and components. MtM is also branching into manufacturing non auto products in the areas of safety, water conservation and vehicle security.


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