TM27 2-Seater

Tomcar TM27

Tomcar TM27

Tomcar TM27

Tomcar TM27

Tomcar TM27

Tomcar TM27


It will change the way you work, it will also change the way you'll play. The Tomcar is an innovative and unique two-wheel drive all-terrain vehicle.

New to Australia, the Tomcar's specialised design separates it from any other vehicle on the market today.

Originally researched and developed in conjunction with the military, the Tomcar has been in continual active development for over twenty years, and successfully serves numerous military and security forces in conflict zones across the world, the most recent with the British Army contingent of the NATO force currently stationed in Afghanistan. 
The Tomcar’s original battlefield pedigree translates into an elegantly simple and visionary design that makes it easy to drive and allows quick repair capabilities in the field. The Tomcar’s unique abilities can be applied to many tasks outside combat, and as such the civilian market is increasingly utilising Tomcar vehicles. Tomcar Australia is 100% Australian owned.

The Tomcar itself is a remarkable feat of modern engineering and geometric balance. All the mechanics and electronics are elegantly simple, not only allowing easy part replacement but also providing an excellent platform for almost infinite customization. 

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Tough military vehicle now available for commercial and recreational use.

Battle tested. Built to endure & survive.

Uncomplicated vehicle that can be repaired in the field. Low cost maintenance.

Carry and tow large loads.

Independent adjustable suspension provides smooth ride over rough terrain.

Welded frame provides rigid safety cell.
Ground clearance of original Humvee.

Centre of gravity similar to a Porsche.   Safe on extreme angles and when cornering.

Full length skid plate, slide over obstacles.

Double the approach angle of a Jeep.

Available with Diesel or Petrol engines.

Models: 2-Seater, Ute and 4-Seater.