metal pressing

Presses up to 200 Tons. Dedicated feeders and coil straighteners.

 Our Assembly

4 Assembly plants that are capable of complex assemblies. High level of error proofing built into our assembly cells. ESD protected cells. Assembly machines, jig and fixtures designed and fabricated in-house.

Expertise in Manufacturing

Our expertise and lean manufacturing provide us with the ability to design and manufacture a product that delivers on your goals. We embrace a philosophy of continually increasing the proportion of value-added activities within our business to survive in a global marketplace that constantly demands higher quality, faster delivery and a lower price. Our assembly plants utilize best of breed lean implementations relying strongly on kanban systems to achieve high flexibility with "just in time" response.

With more than 45 years of experience in providing a wide range of products to the global automotive vertical, we have built a world class manufacturing base featuring a high level of system integration and flexible production environment.

We complement our strength in design with  four world-class assembly plants in China and Australia that are fully capable of meeting all your manufacturing needs.
Our assembly plants can manufacture a variety of products with flexible volumes as our customers desire.
We maintain a high level of focus on our production expertise and with this dedication, we are able to deliver a variety of products of better quality in faster delivery times with little waste.


injection Moulding

Gas assisted injection moulding, overmoulding, fully automated moulding cells with robotics, metal insert moulding capable with high level of error proofing.

People and systems

Highly skilled, trained and dedicated workforce. Flexibility and Lean manufacturing principles.