Upper Housing

Interior Handle

Window Regulator Handle

Park Brake

Interior components

Interior Door Handles
Suppliers of Interior door handles since the 1970's, we understand the extreme conditions these components are required to withstand. Our design capabilities include with or keyed, keyless, single and two piece assemblies.  We are capable of supplying in  painted, moulded colours and bright or satin chrome finishes. We utilise gas assist injection moulding technology  for all variants thus providing superior surface finishes whilst still achieving competitive cycle times.  Product quality doesn’t just lie with the part design itself, MTM recognises this and as such has developed a preferred network of quality toolmakers to ensure quality from the very first shot to the very last.

Interior Assemblies
Storage Compartments, Strap Assist Handles and Fuel Filler Release Levers. All these commodity groups utilise the core skills of MTM design, manufacturing & quality teams.  These are seemingly less complicated assemblies but they are critical to the overall aesthetic appeal of the vehicle and this is where we succeed. We pride our self on our ability to apply these skills across a range of products that must be appealing to the eye & at the same time appealing to our senses of touch & feel.



Chromed, hydrographic, painted, escutcheoned, grained.

grip assists

Painted, grained, leather, chromed.

Release levers

Fuel, luggage, bonnet and combination assemblies. Grained or painted.

steering columns