Exterior components

Exterior Handles
Suppliers of exterior door handles since 1982, we understand the extreme conditions these components are required to enduret.Our design capabilities include lift or pull style handles, painted, chrome plated or a combination of both. Each of these components are perfectly matched to the exterior body colour of the vehicles.
Our manufacturing capabilities include gas assist injection moulding technology being utilised for painted & chromed variants thus providing superior surface finishes whilst still achieving competitive cycle times.  Product quality doesn’t just lie with the part design itself, we recognise this and as such have developed a preferred network of quality toolmakers to ensure quality from the every first shot to the very last.

Washer Nozzle Systems
Our experience with decorative exterior trim components is not limited to outside handles, the knowledge we have gained over the years has seen us able to extend this learning to other components such as washer nozzle assemblies and hose assemblies.

Hood Latches
Always relied on but very rarely seen, we have designed and manufactured this critical safety related component for decades.  Our competitive advantage lies with our in-house press capabilities combined with the application of lean manufacturing techniques.



Painted, chromed, grained, hydrogpahic, keyless, electronic.


Hoodlatches, tailgate latches.


Window washer, headlamp.